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ActualNetworking.com, or AN is a non-profit benefiting the community by bringing the business networkers and local charity and non-profits together.  

Be the first user to post each event in your local region to earn points for your favorite charity.  Not only the business networking event reach a much greater and more targeted audiance, each point you earn you're given a certain number of points to earn votes towards the Charity Of The Month.  You can create a charity or non-profit, or mulitple, and track the success of your campaigns.  The number of impressions earned per point is relative to the total number of points. So, in slower regions, your ad very well can be on every page. You can earn points by "liking" events while logged in.  Points recycle every 30 days. Business networking events do not need to be your own as the goal here is to put every event in one place by rewarding our users at the same time.  Have fun, start posting and stay tuned for some great new features on Actual Networking.  Also, check out our past Networking Event Reviews,  Networking Tips and if you would like Actual Networking to be a guest and write a review of your next business networking event contact Actual Networking at: info (@) actualnetworking.com.

Thank you for your support and lets support our local charity and non-profits by posting business Networking Events on ActualNetworking.com.


To learn how to post events on this site click on:

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Below is a list of states or provinces where business networking events can be listed. Each area can have sub regions. The number listed next to the name is the number of upcoming business networking events in that area.

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